3 Kam Habs

Genre: Drama

In this compelling social drama movie, '3 Kam Habs' (3 Puffs), we follow the journey of Mojtaba and Nasim, a young couple embracing the joys of new parenthood in the vibrant neighborhoods of southern Tehran. Their modest lives are filled with contentment - Mojtaba earns a living selling disposable plastic dishes, while Nasim crafts dolls at home. However, a sudden and life-altering accident befalls Mojtaba, setting off a chain of unsettling events. Nasim is confronted with a shocking revelation - her husband's involvement in drug trafficking. Fueled by a fierce determination to protect her family, Nasim makes a drastic choice, stepping into the perilous world of drug trade. '3 Kam Habs' unravels a story of sacrifice, resilience, and the extraordinary lengths one woman goes to safeguard her loved ones.