Dar Entehaye Shab – Episode 6

Dar Entehaye Shab - Episode 6

The series opens with Negar, played by Hedi Zeinolabedin, returning to Iran after years abroad in Dar Entehaye Shab Episode 6. She is on a mission to find her husband Kamran, portrayed by Parsa Pirouzfar, who mysteriously disappeared on their wedding night. As her search deepens, she encounters Peyman, a detective played by Reza Behboodi, who is tracking a serial killer. Directed by Aida Panahandeh, the first episode of Dar Entehaye Shab Part 6 weaves a complex tapestry of romance, police drama, and societal issues, revealing dark secrets that link Negar’s personal quest to a larger, ominous criminal plot.